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BMS provides an extensive list of services in the pressure cleaning market with the most modern equipment and tools to ensure that the job is done at the highest possible standard. We have the most advanced equipment to handle a wide range of job applications ranging from hot or cold pressure cleaning, soft wash cleaning, gum removal, fleet equipment cleaning, specialty surface and broom cleaning and we only use biodegradable cleaning detergents that will not harm the environment or damage the surface being cleaned.


With a low cost factor, efficient and timely execution of projects our clients are guaranteed a professional service.

Commercial Concrete Cleaning

Our pressure cleaning services is practically geared towards the restorations of concrete surfaces. With a hot or cold water pressure machine with 3,500 psi and producing 5 gallons per minute we are able to effectively deep clean and remove heavy oil, dirt and other vehicular discharge.


The challenge with dealing with such surfaces is that we may be required to pressure clean the area more than once. We will remove the first layer of oil; wait for the residual oil to leach to the surface and then clean it again. Repeated treatment over a period of time will restore the area like new.

Concrete Pressure Cleaning
Bahamas Maintenance Solutions House Pressure Washing
Residential Building and Roof  Cleaning

We apply the latest house and roof cleaning technology in the industry to remove black stains (algae), mold, dirt and mildew from buildings and roofs in the Bahamas; “soft wash cleaning”.


Our soft wash cleaning is geared towards the safe cleaning of shingles, siding, brick, concrete and many other materials using our biodegradable cleaning agents. There will be no damage to trees, pets or flowers.

Residential Stone Pavers Cleaning

Over time those beautiful decorative stone paver get an excessive amount of oils, stains, dirt, gum droppings and paint that makes them look unsightly; we can restore them like new.


We have the right detergents and tools to bring pavers back to their former beauty in the shortest possible time; increasing the value to homes or businesses at a low cost.

Bahamas Maintenance Stone & Brick Pressure Washing
Malls Sidewalks & Parking Lot Pressure Washing
Shopping Plazas & Malls Cleaning

BMS offer pressure washing services that will clean sidewalks, remove gum and clean the building of dirt, dust and jitney smoke. We basically make malls and plazas more aesthetically welcoming to tenants and visitors.


Our work schedule is flexible (evening and Sundays) we are able to ensure the least disruption to the businesses operations.

Residential & Commercial Driveway Cleaning

Over time driveways will get splattered with oil drippings from motor vehicles and left unclean it becomes an eyesore and reduces the aesthetics of the home or the business. We offer one of the most cost-effective ways to remove these oil stains from driveways without the use of harsh chemicals.


With our flexible scheduling, we can accommodate all restaurants and banks at a time convenient to their schedule; with minimum disruptions to clients or their business.

Bahamas Maintenance Driveway Pressure Washing
Bahamas Maintenance Sidewalk Cleaning and Gum Removal
Sidewalk Cleaning and Gum Removal

Gum removal and sidewalk cleaning is a breeze with our advance pressure cleaning equipment. Hot water pressure cleaning is one of the most effective ways to remove gum from sidewalks. We then proceed to use a professional surface cleaner in conjunction with the pressure washer to restore the sidewalk like new.

Heavy Equipment Cleaning

BMS provides a fleet cleaning service to clean and maintain the appearance of construction equipment; thus enhancing your company’s professionalism and standards.


At BMS we can help you to not only look good but maintain your heavy construction equipment with our 100% biodegradable, extremely aggressive truck detergent; ideal for cleaning the inside and outside of a fleet of commercial vehicles in record time.


We clean and brighten aluminum and painted surfaces without damage. Easily and quickly removes bugs, road tar, and the magnetic road film that forms on big rig trailers, without brushing and it rinses easily.